Caring For Your Eyes During Warmer Weather Months: What You Should Know

20 April 2020
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You need to care for your eyes no matter what month or season you are in. In warmer weather months, you may be a little more careless where your eyes are concerned. These are months when you may be more prone to eye injuries or eye issues, as you may be too busy doing other things during these times that you aren't caring for your eyes properly. To help you care for your eyes during the warm weather months, read on for tips.

Wear Eye Protection

During the warm weather months, you may be doing more projects around the house or outside of your home. You're most likely using heavy machinery or tools that could cause damage to your vision if you aren't wearing proper eye protection. Be sure you wear protective eye glasses to keep your eyes protected against anything flying into your eyes, such as when you are mowing, weed-eating, or using tools and machinery. Keep your eyes protected.

Wear Protective Sunglasses

Sunglasses are also a must during warm weather months. The sun may seem brighter and may also be shining a lot more, and you need to keep your eyes and your vision protected against the sun's harmful rays. Wear sunglasses that say they protect against UV-A and UV-B rays. If the eyeglasses don't specifically say this either printed on the frames themselves or on the tag on the sunglasses, they most likely aren't going to protect your eyes properly.

Wash Your Hands

Remember to wash your hands often during the warm weather months (something you should do all of the time anyway), but during these months, you are most likely out and about more and in public quite a bit. You may also be at the public pool or the beach, and if you have dirty hands and then touch or rub your eyes, you are going to be spreading bacteria to your eyes. This can lead to eye infections, which can be a nuisance, be painful, or lead to permanent eye or vision damage. Make sure you are washing your hands often, especially before you touch your eyes.

Warmer weather may mean you are going to be doing a lot more and are probably worrying about your vision less. Pay close attention to any vision changes or eye issues, and report them to your ophthalmologist. Make an appointment for ophthalmology services if you have any noticeable changes or issues with your eyes or vision.