How To Prepare For Your First Eye Exam

16 July 2020
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You should be getting eye exams every few years if you have no underlying vision problems. Eye exams are very routine and for the most part, are not invasive at all. If you prepare for eye care exams properly, you can have yours done without any stress and have the experience over quickly. Here are ways you can prepare for your first eye exam.

Write down any concerns you have with your eyes

Whether you are seeing the eye doctor for the first time because you've never been before and are curious, your doctor referred you, or you are having some concerns about your vision, write down any concerns you have about your vision before your eye exam begins. Eye exams are designed to not just check out your actual vision, but your eye health as well, so if you have concerns about glaucoma, cataracts, lazy or wandering eye, or have an eyelid that appears heavier than another, write this down.

Get a family history of eye health

Does anyone in your family wear glasses? Does dry eye run in the family, or do you have family members with glaucoma, cataracts, or other problems? Even high blood pressure can be related to an eye issue, so get a family history of eye health so you can run this by your eye doctor for your current and future eye exams. Your eye doctor will want a family history so they can know what to look for in your eye health even if your vision appears fine.

Get an idea of what eyewear you want

If you do have vision problems, then you may be given a prescription for glasses or contacts after your eye exam is complete. Get an idea of what type of eyewear you want by trying on glasses in the eye doctor's office before your appointment or writing down why you feel contacts will be best for your needs if you don't want to wear glasses. Some people choose to have both glasses and contacts as prescription eyewear so they have more freedom in how they correct their vision.

When you get to your first eye exam appointment, have your vision insurance with you, if applicable. Arrive early so you can fill out any patient paperwork in advance of your appointment. Your eye doctor will make sure to answer all questions you have about your eye health or your upcoming exam to put you at ease and help you feel more comfortable with the routine examination.

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