New To Contact Lenses? What You Should Know

23 October 2020
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If you're new to contact lenses, you may have questions about how to put them in properly and how often to clean them and care for them and the contact lens case. You may also have questions about what to do if you have a problem with your lenses, such as one gets lost in your eye or what to do when there is a tear in one. To help you navigate through this new way of seeing properly, read on for helpful information.

Putting In Your Contact Lenses

Sure, your optometrist showed you how to put in your contact lenses, but if you aren't a fan of putting your finger right up to your eyeball, you may have a very hard time with this process. To begin, you need to be sure you wash your hands to prevent the spread of germs. Then open up your contact lens case and gently remove the contact lens. If you have a different prescription for each eye, you need to be sure you are putting in the proper contact in each corresponding eye. This is why contact lens cases have an L and an R labeled on them. Once the lens is removed, use contact lens solution to gently rub the lens clean. Place the lens on the tip of your forefinger, so it looks like a bowl on your finger. Open your eyelid with the other finger and open your eyes wide. Then place the tip of the finger with the lens on it onto the eye. You may have to blink a number of times to be sure it is on your eye all the way, or you may also have to add some re-wetting drops. If you have to, repeat the process until it is on your eye. Repeat for the other eye.

Caring For Your Contact Lenses

Caring for your contact lenses requires you to clean them daily, both when you remove them and before putting them in. You need to replace the solution in the lens case each time you put in your contact lenses, as dust and bacteria can accumulate in the solution. Always use contact lens solution; water should never be used, and other types of eye drops should never be used either. Replace your contact lens case at least every 6 months. If your lenses tear or rip, they should be replaced. Inspect your lenses before putting them in your eye, and if they are in any way damaged, replace them with a new pair.

If you are new to wearing contact lenses, it can take some time to get used to them. Try wearing them in small increments of time to help get used to them, then build up to wearing them for longer periods of time. If you have issues with your lenses, or if you have other questions about your new lenses, talk to your optometrist.