What Can An Eye Exam Detect?

24 January 2022
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Eye exams are important and should be a part of the yearly exams you remember to do in order to take care of your health. Your eyes are an important organ and should be treated as such, which means you need to get an eye exam in order to update prescriptions and to detect vision or eye health problems so they can be treated properly. If you aren't getting a yearly eye exam, there could be things that have gone undetected, and your vision or eyes could be suffering. Read on for a few things an eye exam can detect.

Vision Problems

An eye exam can detect an inability to see clearly or deteriorating vision, but it can also detect vision problems such as astigmatisms, cataracts, and glaucoma. If you have vision problems, you need to get to the eye doctor for an eye exam to detect any of these issues. Although some may not be cured, you may be able to have the vision problem treated. Some things can be treated with medication or eye drops, or you may need to have surgery to help correct some of these problems. 

Eye Strain

Eye strain can be caused by straining your eyes while looking at technical devices, or you could have eye strain from squinting too much in order to see. If you have eye strain, it can be detected with an eye exam. You may also have other symptoms that would indicate eye strain, including headaches, neck pain, or pressure behind the eyes. An eye exam is another way to detect this problem. If it goes without being detected, your vision could deteriorate quickly, and you could end up with other health problems as well.

Vitamin Deficiency

An eye exam can detect any vitamin deficiency that you may have. A vitamin deficiency can cause vision problems and leave you with dry eyes, night blindness, or blindness altogether. Vitamins are important to the entire body, including your eyes. Vitamin A in particular is something very important for the eyes. If you aren't sure if you have a vitamin deficiency, an eye exam can detect this for you and prevent these issues.

If you aren't getting an eye exam every year, there may aspects of your health that you are missing and are going untreated. Get in for an eye exam today if you haven't had one in a while, and if you haven't ever had one, you need to get in right away for an exam.