Eye Irritation Or Infection? What To Look For

29 June 2020
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Eye irritation is a common issue many people deal with, and generally, it is harmless. However, sometimes the signs and symptoms of eye irritation can overlap that of an infection. In these instances, it is important that a person be able to tell when their irritation might be an indication of something more serious. Learn what you should look for.


Eye irritation caused by an allergen or another external element is bothersome, but it is not typically painful. When the eye is sensitive to touch or you experience a throbbing pain, you need to take a closer look. With infection, inflammation is common, so the eye pain you experience could be a sign that the infection is spreading.


Be on the lookout for any type of discharge that comes out of the affected eye. When an eye is irritated, it is common for a watery substance to leak; what is not normal is a colored discharge. Green, yellow, or blood-tinged discharge are all more troubling. Additionally, even if you only experience a clear discharge, if you notice that your eyes are running more than normal, you may want to have them examined.

Vision Issues

Eye irritation will never affect your vision, but an eye infection can. For example, uveitis is a serious eye infection that often causes blurred vision that progressively gets worse with time. When left untreated, this infection can cause permanent vision loss. Remember, any time you experience a change in your ability to see, it is a cause for concern. 

Heavy Sensation

A heaviness sensation in the eye area, such as a sense that something is inside the eye, is another symptom that can separate eye irritation from an eye infection. In many instances, there is a foreign object in the eye that may have prompted the infection, such as a fiber from a mascara wand. If you suspect this problem, do not try to remove the object on your own; you are likely to make matters worse. 

Professional Medical Advice

If you have concerns about your eye health, make an appointment with eye doctors, such as Maroudis & Morton OD PSC. Only a medical professional can assess the condition of your eyes properly. Additionally, if the irritation is bothering you at all, it is a good idea to be seen by a professional even if you don't believe it is caused by an infection. 

Good health is important, no matter what part of the body it is. If you notice anything that concerns you, make sure you pay attention and get help.